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Hand stained and engraved wood pattern done on existing broom finished concrete porch

Engraving a pattern into a stained floor

Concrete Engraved & Inlay Floors Orlando

Concrete Engraving with Stain Orlando

Concrete Engraving with Stain Orlando

Concrete engraving is the act of remodeling existing (cured) concrete by cutting patterns and texture into the surface. Engraved designs and patterns simulate building materials such as brick, tile, stone, pavers or a  variety of other graphic elements. Geometric patterns with straight, circular or serpentine lines and custom designs are cut directly into the surface of the concrete. Decorative concrete engraving adds depth and dimension plus it is commonly used as a color separation technique.

Many designs, logos, and patterns are available including brick, circular brick, flagstone, cobblestone, decorative tile and more. Concrete engraving is a profitable investment, adding distinctive value and beauty to your home or business.